We created the Gluten Free Pages to solve your Living and Lifestyle issues since removing gluten from your diet. You may have done this because you are coeliac or celiac (issues with wheat, rye, barley, triticale and oats) or you simply chose to be gluten free. Whatever your reason to be GF you will find all of your gluten free food and products on this site.

You can find what gluten free products you want on this page, or by clicking on the GLUTEN FREE EATING DIRECTORY in the left column or the ADVANCED search button (top of page). All we ask is that if you contact any GF provider on our lists, please let them know that we sent you. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in giving you GF specials or discounts via our GF newsletter or loyalty cards on their own page on this site?

GFP Feedback

The GFP was created for coeliacs / celiacs and for those following a GF diet preference. With limited resources we rely on you to tell us what's missing on our site. As this site is community focused, we ask your help in completing your directory. Become a Gluten Free Angel' and let us know of any GF products or services via our CONTACTS page . Each valid GF place will give you an entry in our next GF give away. If you join our FREE specials Gluten Free Pages NEWSLETTER (under VISITORS menu tab) you will also automatically be entered into all our give-aways. If you are after information on GF issues then please look on our GF Original ARTICLES page .

HIGH demand gluten free categories

Gluten free restaurants & gluten free cafes

When dining out or searching the web, gluten free restaurants and gluten free cafes are the most popular eating out places that people in Australia look for gluten free food. You will find that the GFP site is the leading gluten free eating directory and Celiac/ coeliac lifestyle site in Australia. If you want to contribute or comment on our site (by submitting articles or emails) - please do so.

Gluten Free Bakery, gluten free bread & cakes

These tasty treats deserve their own category because of the massive amount of people searching for these gluten free foods. While some supermarkets provide gluten free bread, they are obviously not as fresh as those made by a gluten free bakery. The highest demand GF foods in the gluten free bakeries catgegory are: gluten free bread, GF cakes and muffins. It is surprising how difficult these can be to find, so this is why we have provided a separate gluten free BAKERY directory.

Gluten Free beer, Gluten Fee alcohol, gluten free wine

If you get a chance to read our gluten free beer, alcohol and gluten free wine article you will soon realize that these beverages can either contain gluten from original ingredients or be cross contaminated in their manufacture (barrels). While gluten free wineries are usually those that serve gluten free food, be aware that some wines in Australia are now being labeled as GF.

Gluten free recipes, books and gluten free cooking

For the DIY people out there we are sourcing the best gluten free foods for you to make at home. While we endeavour to bring you the best gluten free recipe books that we can, we are not Amazon. Because of the niche nature of this field and expense to authors we are continually seeking to develop more relationships with Australian�GF authors.

If you can think of a directory or listing that we are missing, please let us know and receive a free entry into our next Gluten Free give away. We truly wish you the best of health and happy gluten free living!


Gluten Free Melbourne (& Vic)

This is the home town of the GFP founders and our analysis shows that Victoria is the fastest growing e-demand GF market in Australia. With Melbourne's renown cafe culture and artistic flair you would expect it to also cater well for gluten free foods, and it does. With its high urbanization and wealth, Melbourne remains the leading G-free product locations in Australia.

If you are looking for Melbourne Gluten free restaurants and Melbourne gluten free cafes, Gluten free take away / fast food, a gluten free Bakery, gluten free supermarkets or stores in Melbourne you will find it here. Simply click on the Advanced Search button, Select Melbourne and your preferred category from the GF list.

Gluten Free Sydney (& NSW)

With a population over 4.3M Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and New South Wales is the second fastest growing e-market for GF foods. This should make Sydney very popular for gluten free food, and while there are many gluten free manufacturers and wholesalers in the city, we welcome your suggestions for any gluten free restaurants or cafes not on our list!

If you are looking for Sydney Gluten free restaurants and cafes in Sydney, Gluten free take away / fast food, a gluten free Bakery, gluten free supermarkets or stores use the Advanced Search button at the top or the page.

Gluten Free Brisbane (& QLD)

Gluten Free in Brisbane comes in as the third highest growth e-demand GF capital city in Australia. Brisbane's 1.9M people enjoy warm temperatures all year round which makes it the perfect location of outdoor gluten free cafe and restaurant dining. Our GF directory becomes particularly useful when southerner's flood Queensland during the winter months.

Find Queensland / Brisbane Gluten free restaurants and cafes, Gluten free take away / fast food, a gluten free Bakery, gluten free supermarkets or stores in our Advanced search. For traveller's please check out our gluten free accommodation and gluten free resort sections.

Gluten Free Perth ( & WA)

With a population of 1.5M you would expect Perth to be a vibrant GF city, however its distance from the eastern seaboard often makes it difficult for GF businesses to get their message across. Once again this is where GFP offers its extremely affordable advertising services. However along with distance comes our plea for locals to act as Gluten Free Angels and inform us of any businesses we have missed.

Please find all your WA / Perth Gluten free restaurants and cafes, Gluten free take away, gluten free Bakery and gluten free supermarkets / stores using our Advanced Search feature. Again gluten free accommodation and wineries are a feature of this state.

Gluten Free Adelaide (& SA)

The people in the driest state in the driest continent should not miss out on their gluten free beer or alcohol, nor their gluten free restaurants, so please feel free to search our Advanced database.

The reality is that Adelaide is a vibrant dining capital, making your search for gluten free food in it all the more important. We invite all Australian coeliacs / celiacs and gluten intolerant visitors, to find hidden Adelaide gluten free restaurants and cafes, Gluten free take away, gluten free Bakery and gluten free supermarkets / shopping in Adelaide using our Advanced Search feature. However, please feel free to let us know of your secret gluten free dining favourites.

Gluten Free Darwin (and NT)

With only 120,000 people and 70 nationalities Darwin presents a small but diverse mix of cultures. We admit our knowledge of Darwin (just like GF in Canberra) is limited by gluten free restaurants and cafe's limited advertising resources. So we plead with locals and visitors alike to let us know of their favourites.

If you know of any gluten free dining places in Darwin - please let us know. In fact, why not tell us of your favourite NT and Darwin gluten free restaurants and gluten free cafes, Gluten free take away, gluten free Bakery and GF supermarkets / shopping - or any of the other categories we have listed, now!